All inclusive yoga

  • Datum

    Permanent buchbar
  • Adresse

    Camping Fuussekaul
    L-9156 Heiderscheid
  • Uhrzeit

    Saturdays 10.00-11.30
    a free trial class offered, registration obligatory 621 389 685
  • Dauer

  • Termine

    almost every sunday, except for the school vacation and the sundays of the magical yoga morning
    for the availability check Facebook: Pace Yoga (@paceyoga1)
  • Preis

    10 Euro per 1h30 class
    or 12 class-pass 100 Euro
    by purchase of the pass, a free session of your choice ( massage, yoga or life coaching)
  • Inhaltsbeschreibung

    yoga for all purposes: relaxation, stress reduction, connection with yourself, health improvement, weight loss, body toning and strengthening, energizing, stretching, rejuvenation, stimulation of all the body systems like: cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, immune... ;life improvement and happines.
    The structure of the class:
    1. self awareness exercise
    2. pranayama
    3. slow warm up
    4. sun salutation slow
    5. sun salutation work out
    6. sun salutation fast
    7. stretching asanas
    8. balancing asanas or a peak pose practice
    9. shavasana
    10. pranayama
    11. short meditation
    12. gratitude, intention or other mind impowerment practice

  • Vorkenntnisse

    all levels
  • Technische Voraussetzungen

    a yoga mat, water,
    the course will be given in English with French, Dutch, German or Slovak translation if possible.
  • Dozent

    Dita Dobrikova- Higgins
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  • Themenbereich

    • Mensch und Gesundheit
    • Sport & Bewegung

Freie Plätze: 30

  • Kontaktperson

    Dita Dobrikova-Higgins 621389 685