Master Class Series I - Stress Management: Neck and Shoulders

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    45€ early-bird rate until 29/09/19
    50€ after that date

    Special price for all three workshops: 120€

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  • Inhaltsbeschreibung

    We all encounter stressful situations in our daily lives. If we let stress accumulate it can cause ailment, emotional instability and insecurity.

    In the Master Class Series: Stress Management, we’ll talk about stress, its causes and effects. You will learn to use the numerous tools yoga offers to help you control your stress and keep it at a manageable level.

    With time and practice yoga helps us to acquire the self-discipline to change our life-style and our outlook on life which in turn allow us to overcome stress. These are the real challenges. However, it is easier to start with simple physical exercises, breathing techniques and meditations.


    One of the main areas where physical tension accumulates is in the neck and shoulders. In the first Master Class Series: Stress Management, we will focus on contracting, stretching and strengthening those areas. We will use specific breathing techniques to calm the nervous system, learn to relax and we’ll do meditation to help bring the appropriate changes in our lives.


    The lower back is another place where tension builds up in the body when under stress. In the second instalment of Master Class Series: Stress Management we’ll practice asanas to strengthen the core region in order to alleviate discomfort in the lumbar region caused by stress. We will use specific breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and meditation to help bring the appropriate changes in our lives.


    In this last part of the Master Class Series: Stress Management, you will learn to relax deeply through yoga nidra. It is a powerful guided-meditation that leads to a deep and conscious physical, mental and emotional relaxation. First we will revisit some of the tools taught during the two previous workshops. Then we’ll lie down for the experience of yoga nidra.
  • Vorkenntnisse

    The classes are for everyone – with or without previous yoga experience – no matter your age, height, weight or physical condition.
  • Technische Voraussetzungen

    Wear confortable clothes in which you can move freely and comfortably. Yoga is practiced barefoot. Perhaps a blanket or warm clothes for the relaxation at the end.

    Yoga mat and cushion or folded blanket for sitting on the floor. There are chairs if you need one.

    Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. I suggest you do not eat two or three hours prior to class or eat only a very light snack (fruit).

    Please let me know about any health problem or condition that might affect your practice before the class or by email prior to class.
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    Manon Bergeron
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    Stress management: neck and shoulders
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